What is Data Science

Havard Business Review call it the sexiest job of the 21st century. So what is data science? There’s a joke that data science is simply what they call data analytics in Silicon Valley. And to some extent that’s true – much of data science has indeed existed long before the phrase.

Movement in Business Intelligence Tools

From the good people at g2, these two grids (the first published in Summer 2017, the second Winter 2016), show how much and quickly the market is moving. Tableau looks consistently strong, but many of the other tools are bouncing all over the place. Also there seem to...

Ethics and Data

There are some very big questions around data, and unsurprisingly, legislation is struggling to keep up - not least because of how the internet has made data transportable across jurisdictions. GDPR, and the continued scrutiny of how data is used,in particular the...


“There’s no such thing as an average donor”, and beware of “average of averages”. One of my key interview questions – being able to differentiate between averages, and communicate that difference with clarity, is vital for an analyst.